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The Advantages of Home Care over Hospitalization

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

By Dez King - July 15, 2022

If you have a sick or injured loved one, and there are no more procedures that require them to be at the hospital, it is time to consider home care. It is now possible to provide many respiratory and cardiac monitoring functions that could previously be performed in hospitals only at home. Home care has several advantages over hospitalization:

Cost Saving

Home care not only reduces the cost of care, but also the burden on taxpayers. According to National Association of Home Care statistics, the average cost of home health care is $132 per visit, compared to $544 per day for care from a skilled nursing facility.

Eliminating the Risk of Hospital Falls

According to a study by Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, there are between 700,000 and 1,000,000 falls in U.S. hospitals each year. Falls can cause fractures, internal bleeding, or lacerations, leading to prolonged hospitalization. Home care eliminates this risk. Familiar surroundings at home and the fact that you can anticipate potential hazards like rugs and small steps at home make home care the safer option.

Home Care Soothes the Soul

When your loved one is surrounded by loved ones, and when they are in the familiarity of their home and the comfort of their bed, it soothes their souls. At home, you will be able to see, laugh, and share memories with your loved one whenever you want, as opposed to hospitals and long-term care facilities. Your loved ones will be able to pick calls, welcome guests, and have uninterrupted private conversations. Do not underestimate the impact of staying in bed all day, reduced social interactions, loss of privilege to walk around and drive, and overall loss of independence on the mental health of the sick and the injured.

Improved Quality of Care

A Randomized Controlled Trial of low-income seniors published by the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that integrated and home-based geriatric care management led to improved quality of care and reduced acute care utilization in this high-risk group. Low-income seniors often have low health literacy, socioeconomic stressors, chronic medical conditions, and limited access to good health care. This makes home care potentially lifesaving for this group. Home care provides one-on-one focus and support, which also contributes to better outcomes.

Home Care Maintains Dignity

You want your loved one to be dignified while sick or injured. In hospitals and long-term care facilities, your loved one would have to share personal spaces such as the bedroom and bathroom, and there would be different caregivers assisting with bathing and toileting. With home care, there will be an established trusting relationship between a consistent caregiver and your loved one in the privacy of their home.

At ACE Home Healthcare, we provide home care for patients in the Denver Metro Area. We offer comprehensive services, including nursing by registered nurses, medication management, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, personal care, and patient/caregiver education, among others. You will have a Registered Nurse available on-call 24/7. Call us today for the best home care in the Denver Metro Area.

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